Windvane Ring: Machine Finish


  • Lettering replicated from an original No.3 MK1 Windvane Ring.
  • Machined to exact measurements from Brass.
  • This is a great collectable for both WW1 collectors and sci-fi fans.
  • Check bottom of page for fitting solutions.

* TIPS for proper fit @ bottom of page.

*** The goal was to produce lettering that appeared faded/worn away (i.e. shallow). However, this proved to be difficult and did result in some areas deeper than others, but all engraving is present and clear.

Lead time approx. 1-2 weeks

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TIPS for adjusting fit:

  • If too loose, remove ring from fan and carefully squeeze ring into slight oval shape. Re-install over fan. Oval shape will apply pressure to fan and now hold in place.
  • If too tight, carefully file down fan until desired fit over ring is reached.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 in


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