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History of the Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber

As of October 2005 the journey has finally come to an end!!! ALL major parts of the OB1 saber have been identified!!! Thanks, in no small part, to the tireless efforts of the members at the RPF who never gave up the search.

The following is the completed list of REAL WORLD parts used to bring the OB1 saber to life in Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope:

  • Emitter – Rolls Royce Derwent engine balance pipe
  • Upper Grips – British No.3 Mk1 Rifle Grenade – produced in the 1910’s
  • Clamp – Graflex flashgun unit – produced in the 1930’s
  • Calc Bubbles – Texas Instruments: Exactra 19, 20, 2000 (European model) – produced in the 1970’s
  • Lower Grips (Gear) – Browning ANM2 machine gun booster
  • Pommel – Armitage Shanks Sink Knob: Starlite model – produced in the 1960’s
  • NEW INFO!!! Transistors – Marconi Elliott
  • Washers – unknown
  • D-ring – 3/4″

Authentic Parts MK1 – 2014

To the right is my personal MK1 Hilt made up entirely of Authentic Found Parts!!

Hilt consists of the following :

  • AuthenticRolls Royce Derwent Balance Pipe
  • AuthenticNo.3 MK1 Rifle Grenade
  • AuthenticGraflex Clamp
  • AuthenticArmitage Shanks Starlite Sink Knob
  • AuthenticExactra 19 Calc Bubbles
  • AuthenticMotorola Transistors
  • AuthenticBrowning ANM2 Booster