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Q: Has Covid-19 affected shipping times?

A: Reports have been quite random. Most international packages seem to arrive as quickly as usual, however, a few packages have experienced small delays. Good news is there have been no lost packages. Read more HERE

Q: Return Policy?

A: We do not offer returns or exchanges.

An order can be cancelled prior to shipping, however, a 7% fee will be charged. PayPal no longer refunds fees once a transaction is processed, so the 7% will cover the PayPal fee plus time spent to process the refund & any necessary correspondence to resolve the transaction.

Cancellations, however, do NOT apply to Pre-Orders. We ask that a customer remain committed to the project once a pre-order is made. Please consider your financial situation carefully prior to purchasing, and commit to the project only if you can afford to do so.

Q : Can my order be tracked?

A : Tracking info is automatically uploaded to PayPal once a shipping label is created, and can then be tracked through your PayPal transaction page.

Q : How long will my order take to ship?

A : Most items have a ‘lead time’ posted on the item description page. Please check the page of the item ordered for approximate lead time.

Q : How many hilts/parts are currently in stock?

A : Once an item becomes low in stock we will add an inventory count with amount remaining. If there is no ‘inventory count’ posted there are plenty of hilts/parts in stock (or a new run is already in the works).

Q : Do you ship Internationally?

A : Yes. We ship Worldwide.

Q : What are the customs fees for my country?

A : We are unfamiliar with the custom fees for other countries. Please check with your local customs office.

Q : How do I assemble my kit once received?

A : Please visit our How-to page. We will be switching from step-by-step pictures to videos. Check back often for new videos, and email us with tip requests.

Q : What chemicals should I use to weather my machine finished parts?

A : We recommend Birchwood Casey Products : Perma Blue for steel & brass, Brass Black for brass, Aluminum Black for aluminum & steel.

Q : Will my weathered part continue to rust once treated with chemicals?

A : Yes & No. IF your applications are mild and parts are rinsed clean with water, you will see very little to no additional rust on your parts. IF your applications are heavy and not rinsed clean with water, yes, your parts will continue to rust. If rinsing with water, make use to use a hair dryer to dry the parts. Air drying will allow rust to build up and look splotchy.

Q : What do you recommend to protect a weathered finished part?

A : I would recommend gun shop oils. We have also had good results when parts are sprayed with WD40.

Q : Can you make a custom hilt?

A : No. Parts are made in bulk ‘runs’ in order to get the lowest possible price, and generally ‘runs’ consist of at least 100 identical pieces. Set-up costs can start at $500, so the set-up cost for 1 or 100 parts is the same. $500. Most shops do not want to set-up for a 1-off.

Q : Where did you find your Authentic MK1 parts?

A : Several parts like clamp, bubbles, and sink knob were found on eBay, and are still available on a “regular” basis. Grenade and Booster were found on specialty sites. Many hours were spent on Google searching for listings. There’s no magic site for those parts. Just sit down and start searching. My current MK1 saber took 10 years to complete, so don’t get discouraged if nothing pans out for a few days/weeks/months. Finally, the Balance Pipe. I consider this part the Holy Grail of the Holy Grail saber. This is usually acquired as part of a group buy for around $6-$8,000. Join a sci-fi forum and start reading the threads. Try to join a group already actively searching for the RRD jet engine. Pool information and hope something pans out. Best of luck!