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September 2021

V3 Clamp ETA

September 17th, 2021|

V3 clamps are currently being drilled. Barring any delays they are expected by the end of September. 

March 2021

Mk1 Progress & News

March 22nd, 2021|

Mk1 Grenades are complete and currently receiving a Black Oxide Finish

  • Brass Wind-vanes now Standard w/Lettering around fan-ring
  • Weathered & Black Oxide Grenade Bodies will now come with a sand-blast finish

Balance Pipes are currently in production

  • Expected to be complete by end of March. Once complete, BP’s will receive a weathered or black oxide finish.
  • Weathered BP’s will now come with a sand-blast finish.
  • Mk1 Orders should begin to ship between the 1st – 2nd week of April.

May 2020

Shipping & Covid-19

May 25th, 2020|


While most orders continue to arrived with minimal delays during the Covid-19 shutdowns, please be aware that shipping times may run longer than normal for the time being.

During several of our projects we’ve come to learn that shipping overseas has become very difficult for most carriers.

  • The number of flights has dropped significantly
  • Fewer flights means each flight is now fully packed… Meaning many packages can not immediately ship and are essentially on stand-by waiting for an available flight
  • In addition, online ordering has increase significantly across-the-board, and many carriers are overwhelmed with extra packages like Christmas time, yet have fewer workers due to older employees no longer working or many employees having to self-quarantine

Please consider possible delays when placing an order and understand we are all doing our best to get your items to you as quickly as possible during this “new normal”.

So far we’ve experienced no lost packages. Only small delays.

Please don’t worry, but rather enjoy the anticipation!

Thank you for your business & understanding!!


May 2019

March 2018

Spring Break 2018: March 10-18

March 9th, 2018|

  • Shop closed for Spring Break: March 10th-18th (please allow addition time above stated lead time during Spring Break).
  • Elites & Balance V4 will go up for pre-order this month.
  • Balance Pipe run will complete after Spring Break.
  • Pending orders for the Static Mk1 kit will ship after the 19th

July 2017