D-Battery / 3-Cell Bottom


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  • Replicated from an original Graflex 3-Cell battery holder.
  • “Folmer New York” stamped on 3-cell bottom

Lead time approx.: 1-2 weeks

*While this battery can has a nice clean finish, it is NOT offered as flawless. Some imperfections may still be present.

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  • Replicated from an original Graflex 3-Cell battery holder.
  • Made to exact measurements from Brass, then plated with a brushed finish.
  • This is a great collectable for both Camera Collectors and sci-fi fans.
  • “Folmer NewYork” stamped on 3-cell bottom.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 in

1 review for D-Battery / 3-Cell Bottom

  1. Thomas Estep

    Just got my bottom can today. (I ordered it from another vendor who just happened to have an extra, but wanted to make sure to say something here.)

    High quality replacement can. It’s a LOT nicer than the one it’s replacing. I would definitely buy another.

    Not gonna lie, it makes me want to order a Episode 5 Graflex right meow.

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