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Accuracy is taken to the next level with our FX Kit!! The FX kit is essentially a Static Kit on steroids!! We utilize each part’s already existing threads for assembly, then swap out the solid spacer for a hollow cage. We increase the Booster I.D. to a maximum of 0.955″, and finally top everything off with our custom LED Housing & Heat-sink. All outer dimensions remain the same as the Static Kits. A twist here, a twist there, an boom!! The most accurate, thin-necked, 1″ blade compatible, FX-ready kit in the known universe!!! Upgrades remain true to the authentic parts. No compromises have been made outwardly. Only the smallest 4-40 retention screw has been added for blade safety. Hilts can be broken down into individual pieces which are true replicas of their Vintage counterparts.

Blade Plug (not included) available: HERE

Accurate Chrome Sink Knob now standard!! Please choose one of the options below (random plug/ring will be sent if no selection is made):

Hot/Red version: HERE

Cold/Blue version: HERE

Lead time approx. 3 weeks

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  • Weathered Balance Pipe with LED/Lense Housing. Holds a 1″ thin-walled blade. Housing adapter fits snuggly inside the 1″ thin-walled blade, and has a hole down the center for wiring. Works well with any LED that has a hole in center of pad. e.g. tri-cree
  • Weathered No.3 Mk1 Frag Body & Wind-vane
  • NEW!!! Wind-vane Lettering Now Standard (new pics soon)
  • Weathered Graflex Clamp w/NEW!!! FOLMER Lever  (new pics soon)
  • NEW!!!  Stamped M.E. Transistor & Washer set
  • Exactra Calc Bubble
  • Hollow Cage allows for MAXIMUM space inside you clamp. Threads Mk1 and Booster together.
  • Weathered Hollow Booster threads Spacer and Sink Knob together, with an I.D. of .955″.
  • Chrome Thread-to-Booster Sink Knob comes with a hollow cap & plug for easy battery, SD card, or recharge port access. Threads directly to your Hollow Booster.
  • D-Ring
  • Please note this is a hand weathered kit, so final product may vary slightly in finish & detail. We do not offer custom weathering due to the difficulty and time consuming process in capturing the “ideal” image a customer has in mind.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10.75 × 2 × 1.5 in

16 reviews for FX Kit: Weathered

  1. Sean Carroll (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality! I recently received my Weathered MK1 from Roman; and upon it arriving , I was blown away by the overall beauty, accuracy and general feel of the piece. I was originally going to purchase a Roman’s Graflex to replace my 2.0, but opted to go with a different hilt to install electronics myself. With the fact that it came with its own heat sink, and had plenty of room inside to configure it any way I want , I am definitely recommending anyone who is thinking about purchasing this hilt to do so while they last! You won’t be Disappointed !

  2. Derek Cross (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning prop replica. Looks and feels just like the real parts. So happy with this purchase!! Will be grabbing the Flashgun 4 next, and then probably the MPP. Thank you so much for such an incredible product.

  3. Matt Jukes (verified owner)

    I bought the Weathered Kit just before Christmas. I bought it as a project, like many of you, and eventually, it will take place in a display in honour of my Father who passed away last year. He had a taste for exotic weapons, handguns mostly, so putting both his tastes and mine together, seemed fitting.

    As you can imagine I was full of nervous anticipation about the decision, but took the plunge and placed the order; I needn’t have been worried.

    When I opened the package yesterday I was struck by the impeccable craftsmanship of the piece, or each piece of the whole, as you may see it. The weight and feel of the hilt prove in an instant that this is a top quality purchase. I couldn’t be more amazed and proud to now be the owner of such a beautiful piece. Whatever comes of my plans to develop a crystal chamber, chassis, sound or a blade for it, I have fallen in love with the hilt and that will never change.

    Thank you, Roman, and anyone connected to the work and effort in creating such a standout product. I can’t impress what this means to me. Thank you again.

  4. Sean Beneveds (verified owner)

    I received my Weathered MK1 a few days ago and I am amazed by the quality and attention to detail. I researched the different Obi-wan ep4 style sabers for a few months before deciding on going with the MK1. I am in no way disappointed. I have taken it completely apart and marveled at the detail and precision in each piece. The weathering is not overbearing and I know it will continue to take on more as time passes. If you are debating on purchasing a MK1, Do it!!! You will not be disappointed. I will be ordering more hilts from Roman in the future. I can’t wait to install it and watch it come alive.

  5. Daniel Buckman

    Hey YOU, looking at the reviews!! Stop right now and just get this incredible piece of art! It’s exquisitely machined and absolutely stunning!! Well done sir! You deserve more than 5 stars!!

  6. Britwalker (verified owner)

    Outstanding, got the weathered kit, and upgraded to the chrome sink knob. Requested the Windvane and Balance Pipe un-weathered. blown away with it. so amazing, truly feels amazing better than any saber I have every held. I am in the UK and arrived safe and sound.

    It is a piece of art

    Thanks Roman

  7. eight930330 (verified owner)

    It is exactly everything I hoped it to be. It looks gorgeous and the feel of wielding it feels like a real weapon. Even though it may be more expensive than many other hilts, but it’s totally worth the money. This is, in my opinion, the best Obi-Wan ANH hilt in the market currently, so if you’re a Obi-Wan fan like me, this is a must-get!

  8. Christopher McConnell (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Words can not describe how good this Saber looks, and I am so glad that I chose to go with a Romans rather than one of the alternatives. Romans customer service was amazing the whole way through from start to finish, dealing with all my questions and requests during the order and build/weathering process and even putting up with my stressing and worrying when my package got caught up and delayed because of Covid Related issues, the man has the patience of a saint 😂 I can’t recommend this Item highly enough and if you don’t already own one, seriously what are you waiting for??

  9. David Shirakyan

    Wow! This has been one purchase I did not regret at all! The craftsmanship for this hilt is absolutely beautiful and you will not be disappointed! Thank you so much for answering all my questions and concerns! I will definitely buy from Roman again in the future.

  10. Grey User (verified owner)

    I was a child when I first saw (now known as A New Hope) The first lightsaber I saw was Obi Wan’s in the Cantina. This was a world I’d never seen before and although for many years his was seen so short on film it was always my favorite. I had a soft spot for Luke’s two sabers he had but that short lived lightsaber the Master Obi Wan had was so unique and looked so much more functional. I received this to build into an FX saber and when I first got it I couldn’t believe how real it looked and felt, It is truly amazing. The weathering was perfect not over the top, but just enough to match the screen shots. Roman Props have created a work of art here that is unmatched to anything else I’ve seen anywhere! Thank you so much!

  11. mszickler (verified owner)

    Perfection as always from Roman Props. While I have not yet installed this hilt it is an absolute beauty, and compliments my Inception Elite and Balance v4. I will continue to love my Roman Props hilts, and that steel v2 is next on the list…

  12. Jacob Bowen (verified owner)

    This hilt is nothing short of amazing! The craftsmanship is unapparelled and the weathering is expertly done. I knew this hilt would be nice but it exceeded all my expectations once it arrived! This hilt is absolutely gorgeous and without a doubt the best Obi Wan Kenobi saber available. Quick responses and excellent customer service make Roman’s Props a no brainer. Of all the hilt manufacturers I’ve purchased from I’ve come to learn Roman’s is top tier. This wasn’t my first purchase here and certainly won’t be my last. Look no further if the most accurate and well made Obi hilt is what you’re after!

  13. Eduardo (verified owner)

    This was my first hilt ever and boy was I impressed by such detailed work that went into this build I’m by no means an expert on this hilt but it’s definitely a must have in your collection!!!

  14. Kenobi Skywalker (verified owner)

    My MK1 looks incredible and has some serious heft to it, like an actual combat weapon. Now I see why this hilt is held in such high esteem. This bad boy looks like something you would admire in a display case in a museum. Major props to Roman for researching and then sourcing all of the parts used for the original ANH saber. If you are into weathered hilts and/or are a Kenobi fan, this hilt is well worth the purchase. It will never go out of style. (My star rating doesn’t seem to be registering–if it’s not showing up, this is easily a 5-star purchase.)

  15. Jared H. (verified owner)

    You will never find a more accurate and beautifuly made Obi Wan Kenobi hilt on the market. Yes – you can get similar ones for less, but nothing compares to the quality and craftsmanship you get when you buy the MK-1. The eye for detail on this is second to none. The machine lines are crisps and clean. Sharp but not jagged. And the threads are perfect. The hilt can be disaasembled and reassembled with no threading issues at all. The weight of the hilt adds to its awesomeness. If feels like a weapon should! My only “complaint” – I really wanted a clean version. However when I recieved the weathered one, I felt like this is the only way to have this hilt. The weathering was very nicely done and natural looking. Perhaps though in the future a weathered pommel will be available. Everything on the hilt is worn and used looking – then you have this bright shiney end cap on it. Just my preference though. It absolutely doesn’t take away from how awesome this is.
    This is my second Roman Props saber. I’ve decided that I need to finish up the OT set with his work too. Nothing else even comes close!

  16. Karl G

    Just confirming what every review has already mentioned…the quality of this hilt is absolutely incredible! It is made of all metal parts and you can feel it by the weight alone. Honestly, the only thing that may be better than a Romans hilt is the actual Vintage parts… maybe.

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