Flashgun 8: “Battle Worn”


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Working Gen.2 Flashgun includes:

  • Top & Bottom Shell
  • No-Logo Clamp
  • Working Gen.2 Red Button
  • Glass Eye w/exposed Brass on side
  • Grips & Clamp Card
  • Kobold D-ring
  • “Battle Worn”: Minor nicks, dings, blemishes

* Final product may vary slightly in finish & detail.

Lead Time approx. 2-3 weeks

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While this Flashgun has been converted with Grips, D-Ring & Clamp Card, it still remains a working Camera Flashgun Gen.2.

Working Gen.2 Flashgun includes:

  • Top & Bottom Shell
  • No-Logo Clamp
  • Working Gen.2 Red Button
  • Glass Eye w/exposed Brass on side
  • Grips & Clamp Card
  •  Kobold D-ring
  • “Battle Worn”: Minor nicks, dings, blemishes

* Final product may vary slightly in finish & detail.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 1.5 × 1.75 in

9 reviews for Flashgun 8: “Battle Worn”

  1. Jake Schofield

    Have just received mine and it’s great. Can not notice any blemishes or marks on it. Also very good quality all around. Very happy with it.

  2. Alexis Trinh (verified owner)

    Just received it in the mail. Quality is simply extraordinary. My brain still has trouble processing how awesome it is, so i’m stuck in a slightly retarded state.

    I also have the Hasbro Rey Jedi Training (which is my only other point of comparison…), which of course is in a completely different tier (still awesome though for the price), but the construction quality of this Roman Props flashgun is nonetheless visibly vastly superior, to the touch and the eye.

    If you wanted to be Luke Skywalker as a kid, it is the best thing you’ll ever buy in your life 🙂

    Just a note: I think the ‘Additional Information’ says 5kg, which is incorrect, I did not weight my flashgun though. I guess it has to be approximately the weight of a vintage flashgun.

  3. David (verified owner)

    This thing is beautiful! I love it! The attention to detail is amazing and it feels so solid in the hand!

  4. Robert Lukach (verified owner)

    I received my Flashgun 8 and it’s a thing of beauty! Roman continues to produce great props and his service is outstanding. He’s the go to guy for Star Wars lightsaber props. Thanks Roman!

    Bob Lukach
    Seabrook, NH

  5. Shane (verified owner)

    I chose Roman props after quite a bit of research. They are one of really only two companies, in my opinion, that really nail replication of the vintage flashgun. In particular, accuracy of the “shouldering” area directly around the glass eye and the red button was important to me. Beyond that there were a couple finer details that put Roman over the top for me. The price here is great for the flashgun by itself let alone the converted models. So it’s a great value considering what you’re getting. Customer service was spectacular and it’s satisfying to know Romans were used for the filming of episode IX. It’s like owning a piece of Star Wars history.

  6. Gary Pezet (verified owner)

    I had been looking for an affordable replica of the Graflex Lightsabre for some time. Words cannot express my elation upon opening the parcel. he workmanship is superb and the attention to detail is beyond compare. The service was astounding despite the delays created by the coronavirus and I could not ask for more. This piece has become the most important part of my Star Wars prop replica collection and I am so proud to own it. Thank you, Roman, you are true craftsman and a gentleman, as you answered my queries promptly and delivered equally as promptly.

  7. John Shrimpton (verified owner)

    When I was a child, I spent many summer days swinging around a 2 D-Cell flashlight with the neighborhood kids pretending it was a lightsaber and always wishing it was the real deal. While this one may not allow me to strike down a sith or the old neighborhood bully, it does absolutely bring up the feels and nostalgia. Can’t begin to describe how gorgeous the Flashgun 8 is and could not be more happy. Level of detail and care put into its construction is unmatched. Customer service is incredible and extremely helpful. Take it from me, if you are looking for a beautiful replica prop or just want to hold a small piece of your childhood in your hands like I did, you seriously will not regret getting one of these for yourself.

  8. Michael J Cahill (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing Roman’s Graflex hilts for years now! I read the previous reviews and I have to say, they are all spot on. A truly stunning replica in every sense. I looks and feels like there was a lot of love put into the development of these sabers. It shows! Now that I own all the Graflex variants, I look forward to getting some of his other hilts when the time is right. Thank you Roman for all you do!

  9. jedipresence (verified owner)

    This is the most solid lightsaber hilt I have ever held. Ive had some from korbanth, KR sabers, Master Replicas and even The Graflex Shop. This is by far the best quality Graflex replica on the market today. The look on Lukes face when Obi Wan first hands him a Lightsaber is exactly how I felt unboxing this masterpiece. Roman does an amazing job with attention to detail and build quality! I will
    definitely be getting another hilt from Roman in the future.

    Thank you Roman!!!!

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