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Accuracy is taken to the next level with our FX Kit!! The FX kit is essentially a Static Kit on steroids!! We utilize each part’s already existing threads for assembly, then swap out the solid spacer for a hollow cage. We increase the Booster I.D. to a maximum of 0.955″, and finally top everything off with our custom LED Housing & Heat-sink. All outer dimensions remain the same as the Static Kits. A twist here, a twist there, an boom!! The most accurate, thin-necked, 1″ blade compatible, FX-ready kit in the known universe!!!

Upgrades remain true to the authentic parts. No compromises have been made outwardly. Only the smallest 4-40 retention screw has been added for blade safety. Hilts can be broken down into individual pieces which are true replicas of their Vintage counterparts.

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

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  • Weathered Balance Pipe with LED/Lense Housing. Holds a 1″ thin-walled blade. Housing adapter fits snuggly inside the 1″ thin-walled blade, and has a hole down the center for wiring. Works well with any LED that has a hole in center of pad. e.g. tri-cree
  • Weathered No.3 Mk1 Frag Body & Wind-vane
  • Weathered Graflex Clamp
  • Weathered Transistor & Washer set
  • Exactra Calc Bubble
  • Hollow Cage allows for MAXIMUM space inside you clamp. Threads Mk1 and Booster together.
  • Weathered Hollow Booster threads Spacer and Sink Knob together, with an I.D. of .955″.
  • Weathered Thread-to-Booster Sink Knob comes with a hollow cap & plug for easy battery, SD card, or recharge port access. Threads directly to your Hollow Booster.
  • D-Ring

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 x 13 x 14 cm

2 reviews for BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! FX: Weathered Kit: 40% OFF!!!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sean Carroll (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality! I recently received my Weathered MK1 from Roman; and upon it arriving , I was blown away by the overall beauty, accuracy and general feel of the piece. I was originally going to purchase a Roman’s Graflex to replace my 2.0, but opted to go with a different hilt to install electronics myself. With the fact that it came with its own heat sink, and had plenty of room inside to configure it any way I want , I am definitely recommending anyone who is thinking about purchasing this hilt to do so while they last! You won’t be Disappointed !

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Derek Cross (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning prop replica. Looks and feels just like the real parts. So happy with this purchase!! Will be grabbing the Flashgun 4 next, and then probably the MPP. Thank you so much for such an incredible product.

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