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Accuracy is taken to the next level with our FX Kit!! The FX kit is essentially a Static Kit on steroids!! We utilize each part’s already existing threads for assembly, then swap out the solid spacer for a hollow cage. We increase the Booster I.D. to a maximum of 0.955″, and finally top everything off with our custom LED Housing & Heat-sink. All outer dimensions remain the same as the Static Kits. A twist here, a twist there, an boom!! The most accurate, thin-necked, 1″ blade compatible, FX-ready kit in the known universe!!! Upgrades remain true to the authentic parts. No compromises have been made outwardly. Only the smallest 4-40 retention screw has been added for blade safety.

Upgrade: to Chrome Sink knob HOT plug: HERE or a COLD plug HERE

Lead time : 1-2 weeks

*No other parts substitutions with weathered or black oxide finishes.

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  • Machine Finish Balance Pipe with LED/Lense Housing. Holds a 1″ thin-walled blade. Housing adapter fits snuggly inside the 1″ thin-walled blade, and has a hole down the center for wiring. Works well with any LED that has a hole in center of pad. e.g. tri-cree
  • Machine Finish No.3 Frag Body
  • Machine Finish Wind-vane
  • Brushed Finish Graflex Clamp
  • Machine Finish Transistor & Washer set
  • Exactra Calc Bubble
  • Hollow Cage allows for MAXIMUM space inside you clamp. Threads Mk1 and Booster together.
  • Machine Finish Hollow Booster threads Spacer and Sink Knob together, with an I.D. of .955″.
  • Machine Finish Thread-to-Booster Sink Knob comes with a hollow cap & plug for easy battery, SD card, or recharge port access. Threads directly to your Hollow Booster.
  • D-Ring

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 x 13 x 14 cm

2 reviews for FX – Machine Finish Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing hilt. Unparalleled quality above what I’ve owned in the past. Great communication and customer service. Would recommend in a heartbeat. 5 stars

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The Saber Lab (verified owner)

    Roman: Thank you for investing 15 years of your life (and the others included) in your journey of identifying all the parts much less obtaining those parts to recreate and then accurately replicate this final product being offered to public and of which I obtained for my own personal collection. Your description of this item is just as accurate as the Saber… it is a true accurate work of art. Thanks for the speedy service again

    The Saber Lab

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