• Replicated from an original 1930's Graflex Flashgun Clamp
    • NO LOGO on band
    • Bright satin finish
    *While this clamp has a nice clean finish, it is NOT offered as flawless. Some imperfections may still be present.

    Lead time approx.: 1-2 weeks

    • Replicated from an original Graflex Folmer Eye
    • Made to exact measurements
    • Stainless Steel
    • This is a great collectible for both Camera Collectors and sci-fi fans

    Lead time approx.: 1-2 weeks

  • Flashgun 5 “Battle Worn” PRO

    Working Gen.2 Flashgun replica includes:
    • Top & Bottom Shell
    • Working Graflex Clamp
    • Accurate Slothfurnace OTIS card
    • Accurate Kobold
    • Two (2) Gen. 2 red buttons
    • NEW accurate grips
    • NEW pan-head (Exactra sized) Phillips screws
    • NEW 0.5" chrome tape on clamp
    • NEW removal of Beer Tab
    • Cave stamping alignment
    • “Battle Worn”: random nicks, dings, blemishes
    * Final product may vary slightly in finish & detail.

    Lead-time approx. 2-3 weeks