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    • Steel Weathered Mk1 Balance Pipe
    • Brass Neck (Copper & Brass coated)
    • Anodized Aluminum Grenade & Booster
    • Aluminum mid-Band
    • Aluminum Activation Box
    • Aluminum Sink Knob
    Blade Plug (not included) available: HERE *All hilts are weathered by hand, and as such, final product may vary slightly from images shown.

    WAVE #6

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    Should ship, but NOT guaranteed by late Aug 2022.

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  • Out of stock

    z Elite Inception – Retired

    • Chrome Balance Pipe
    • Chrome mid-Band
    • Chrome Activation Box
    • Chrome Sink Knob
    • Polished Brass & Copper Neck
    • Anodized Grenade & Booster w/semi-gloss coat
    • Two (2) Pommel Caps: Static & Sound Vents
    • NEW: this version will now come with it's own Blade Plug
    • NEW: this version will have an updated Activation Box
    • Final product will vary slightly from images shown. (New pics coming soon)
    *Hilt will have random blemishes including, but not limited to, dings, scuffs, pits, etc. Also, Covertec MAY not line up perfectly, but will be close.

    Inception & Inception Elite are now retired. Thanks to everyone that supported this project!!!